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Family receives exceptional care during stay in SBA

By January 21, 2020 Featured

(l-r) Karon Young, Sharon Cline, Martha Jo Johnston and Bobbye Andrews

Sisters Sharon Cline and Karon Young, who live outside of Augusta, and their aunt, Bobbye Andrews, of Midwest City, Okla., love the experience they have received at Susan B. Allen Memorial Hospital with their mother and sister, Martha Jo Johnston, who is 92.

Martha was admitted to the hospital recently and her daughters called Bobbye to tell her she should come visit her sister because she wasn’t doing well. Bobbye is Martha’s youngest sister at age 89.

During their time at SBA, they have been extremely pleased with the care and comfort they have been shown.

“Every nurse and staff member who comes in through the door is pleasant and has a smile,” Bobbye said. “They go above and beyond.”

Bobbye said she has volunteered in a lot of hospitals after she retired.

“I have never seen the staff members, no matter how tired they are, come in with a frown,” she explained. “They are always asking what they can do to help us. That includes the housekeeper, Kathy [Rose].”

Sharon said they have been to SBA a couple of times with their mother, and the certified nurse aide, Heather Sutter, knows how to care for her to best meet her needs. They also said Nurse Tech Tobi Delaney was very sweet.

“Dawn [Ebert, RN] was our nurse last night,” Bobbye added. “She sang her a song while trying to feed her.

“The care we have received in this hospital has been above and beyond.”

Karon agreed, saying, “They’re so friendly and compassionate. You ask for something and they are right here. I have been to other hospitals where you have to wait and wait.”

Martha Jo also felt the same way.

“This is always where mom wants to come back to,” Karon said. “She does love this place.”

“There are not enough thank you’s out there to thank all of the nurses and staff,” Bobbye said. “I have seen nothing but the best; it’s clean; there are all of the supplies you need. It makes me proud and happy to see how well she is treated.”